Health & Safety

Innovation will comply with legal duties in order to provide a safer and healthy working environment for our employees and others affected by the Companies activities.

In particular our policy statement is:

  • to ensure that all working places are maintained in a safe and healthy condition.
  • to fully and effectively control the health and safety risks arising from our work activities in co-operation with other contractors, clients, designers and where necessary the planning supervisor.
  • to provide and ensure that all plant and equipment owned, used or hired by us is safe to use and properly maintained.
  • to ensure that all equipment, materials and substances used by us are used, handled and stored safely.
  • to ensure that accident and ill health prevention is provided the highest priority, commensurate with our joint business objectives, within the Companies operations.
  • to consult on health and safety matters, with our employees, and others who we may control to ensure this policy and arrangements for health and safety are current.  
  • to ensure that all employees are provided with adequate supervisory training, information and instructions to competently carry out their work activities.
  • to provide adequate resources, including sufficient finance, and access to competent health and safety advice, to achieve the aims of this policy.

Innovation Directors shall provide full backing to this policy and support all those who endeavour to carry it out.

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